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Lighting Always Strikes in Threes

April 23rd, 2012 by Bruce Coast Lighthouse Admin

It was the late seventies, three years after diesel generators for electricity were installed at Flowerpot.

Audrey Coultis, the longest service keeper and his son John heard an enormous crack and saw a bolt of lightning hit the water just off the dock making the water boil. Audrey believed that lightning always strikes in threes and he began to count.
Boom!The second bolt landed in the bushes behind the generating station. Audrey took off like a shot despite the fact he had a broken leg and was sporting a full leg cast! He had to get to the generating station to kill the power before the lightning zeroed in on the electrical equipment. He was counting aloud as he ran.
Bang! The third bolt hit dead on target. The energy charge was so intense it melted everything together: the control panel, the fuse panel, and the distribution panel. The steel box looked like overheated plastic. “Do you think Dad would get excited?” John mused, “He just took it in stride and set about calmly dealing with the situation, although, after smashing his cast all to hell he did notice his leg hurt a bit.” In the aftermath, they had to take turns slowly cranking the enormous overheated Lister diesel engines for five to six hours to prevent their seizing up.