Point Clark LighthousePoint Clark, ON

At one time, the range light in Point Clark existed as a lantern hung in a coastal pine-tree. In the 1950’s, Point Clark was one of the “imperial towers” built by John Brown.  Built of limestone from nearby Inverhuron, the Point Clark lighthouse stands 26.5 meters (80 feet) high.

Its shoreline location in a cozy beach community also makes it easily accessible. About 18 kms south of Kincardine, the lighthouse is open for tours during the summer. The light keeper’s quarters, built at the same time as the lighthouse, is now a museum operated by the Township of Huron-Kinloss.

Sturdy shoes and a head for heights are a must for the climb up the nine flights of stairs–a total of 114 steps–to the light room. The view from the top is spectacular and worth the climb!

Lighthouse Features

  • Type of Light:
    White Pencil Beam Light
  • Height:
    87 ft
  • Style:
    Year Built:

Featured Story: “Memories of Point Clark – 1930s”

I especially remember what rugged living it was. Just a narrow road winding through the bush. In the summer it wasn’t so bad as there was quite a cottage population even then. In the winter our only neighbour was a mile and a half away – a family by the name of Jardine.

We had a car that we used in the summer but in the winter, there was no mode of transportation unless you had a horse and sleigh, which we didn’t have. My father used to walk back and forth to Amberley (a distance of close to five miles), carrying groceries in a sack on his back.

For meat we ate a lot of rabbits and partridge as he hunted a great deal.

Once a year the supplies that were needed to maintain the lighthouse and buildings were brought by ship. It would anchor as close to shore as it could and the goods were brought in by rowboat.

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Lighthouse Info

Operational Info

Open late June to Labour Day, 10am - 5pm daily. Group sunset tours available by reservation.
Yes, Group rates available
800-268-3838 or 519-395-2494


Car, bus or bike
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Point Clark Lighthouse features a photographic setting, scenic drive, cycling and hiking trails.