Bruce County Museum Lighthouse Exhibit

Bruce County Museum Lighthouse ExhibitSouthampton, ON

Ghostly Guardians of the Bruce Coast, a lighthouse exhibit at the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre, shines the spotlight on the stories of Bruce Coast’s marine heritage.  The exhibit includes  rare artifacts, and offers visitors background information about legends and lore of these sites.

This exhibit showcases marine heritage and its impact on migration and settlement in Bruce County.  It also gives visitors insight to the people who lived and worked in these iconic  structures.

As marine travelers know all too well, beautiful Lake Huron and Georgian Bay can be deceiving; their idyllic images mask their reputation of being one of the most treacherous of all freshwater lakes. Find out why the lighthouse range lights were placed strategically to guide sailors, shippers, and fisherman safely into Bruce County ports.


Featured Story: “Fresnel Lens”

The main feature of the Ghostly Guardians Exhibit at the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre is the Fresnel lens.

The lens is from the Cape Croker Lighthouse, which is on temporary loan from The Canadian Coast Guard in agreement with The Chippewas of Nawash – Unceded First Nation. It was removed in 2007, from the reinforced concrete octagonal tower, the first of its kind on Georgian Bay.

The Fresnel lens is one of two types of lenses used in lighthouses. Augustin Fresnel invented the Dioptric lens in 1823 and it is now named for him. The lenses work on the principal of the refraction of light through lenses and prisms (glass), on to the desired focal plane, by a central light source. Dioptric system lights are categorized in a descending rank of brilliancy. 1st Class being the most powerful to 7th Class.

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